The TTNZ Coin is the payment mechanism used to pay miners to manage the network. Blockchain Transaction Fees are paid for each transaction along with a block reward are paid each time a block is created.

The Traceability Blockchain is a Public Blockchain that is protected by the community through mining. Each time a block is created, the Proof of Work algorithm is performed and the block is distributed across the network.


The Tritanium Traceability Blockchain is a distributed ledger protected using cryptography by miners of the TTNZ coin.

Transactions posted on the Traceability Blockchain pay a transaction fee using TTNZ that is paid to miners for protecting the blockchain.

Miners earn TTNZ by mining the coin which can be sold or purchased on exchanges.

Creating a Paper (Offline) Wallet

The first step to using Tritanium is to create a wallet

A Tritanium Paper/Offline Wallet is the most secure wallet because it does not exist on any computer.
is used to create a wallet that is not stored on your computer or the internet.

How to Buy Tritanium - Exchanges

Currently the TTNZ coin is not listed on a major exchange that allows the coin to be purchased using US Dollar or other fiat currency. To purchase TTNZ you will need to purchase Bitcoin first using US Dollar and then exchange Bitcoin to TTNZ on the smaller exchange.

Step 1 Buying Bitcoin on Coinbase

If you do not already own Bitcoin or another coin can be exchanged for Bitcoin the first step is to create an account on Coinbase and purchase Bitcoin. Coinbase is a major exchange and accepts US currency to purchase cryptocurrency. Exchanges that allow you to purchase using US Dollars have many more steps in the signup process.

Registering for an account on Coinbase, attaching a payment method, and purchasing Bitcoin is a very straightforward process on Coinbase.

Step 2 Joining the txBit Exchange

The txBit exchange lets you trade Bitcoin for TTNZ Coin. To do that, you must first create an account on You will find creating an account on txBit to be a very simple process.

For added security, make sure you download the Google Authenticator App from the iPhone or Google Play store and enable 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) for added security.

Step 3 Transferring BTC to txBit

In order to trace BTC for TTNZ on the txBit exchange you need to first transfer BTC to the exchange.

Step 4 Buying TTZ on the Exchange using BTC

Once you have BTC added to your txBit account, it is easy to purchase TTNZ using BTC.

Step 5 Transferring TTNZ to your offline wallet.

It is not good practice to store any cryptocurrency on an exchange wallet for an extended period of time. The best practice is transfer your coin to an offline wallet after you purchase it.

Mining Tritanium & Managing a Node

As a public blockchain, the platform is protected by miners. One way to mine TTNZ is by joining the mining pool at


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